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Get more from your

Medicare plan

Choose our 5-star

medical centers

to get your primary care and lots more.

Call us to learn more about IMC or make an appointment with an ACCESS assessment

Miami-Dade: (305) 901-5096

Broward: (954) 212-9508

Orange: (407) 392-0281

For additional information, you can view our Patient Handbook:

​Primary care physicians

Specialists – or choose from your health plan network

Diagnostic tests including labs and x-rays

Comprehensive dental, including implants – in addition to your health plan benefit

Acupuncture, massage therapy and joint injections, including PRP

Comprehensive vision - in addition to your health plan benefit

Activity centers, including exercise classes, art classes, and more

Home delivery of your prescriptions

Unlimited transportation to your appointments and back home

Coordinators to help you enroll in ACCESS programs  - everything from free cell phones to Medicaid - assist with citizenship applications, and navigate your health plan

Access to our new Step Ahead wellness and savings program, with nutritional counseling, fitness coaching, hundreds of dollars in discounts, and more


Have questions about Medicare and IMC?

We're not an insurance company, but we're here to help you understand your health plan choices. So give us a call. We accept Medicare Advantage and Medicare-Medicaid dual-eligible plans, including these:

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Why Choose IMC?

We're a five-star provider, which means you can trust the quality of care you'll receive.

We make it easy to get care, with many medical services conveniently provided under one roof and free transportation

Our doctors will get to know you personally, so they can help you develop medical and lifestyle plans to keep you healthier

We have Activity centers where you can enjoy making new friends and learning new skills and hobbies

We have care coordinators to help you enroll in government programs, including everything ACCESS has to offer





IMC South Florida

IMC Orlando

Call us to learn more about our doctors and services.

Miami-Dade: (305) 901-5096

Broward: (954) 212-9508

Orange: (407) 392-0281

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