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COVID-19 Updates


Attention IMC Patients!
As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we require patients to wear masks when inside any of our medical centers at all times. We appreciate your help in keeping our staff and fellow patients safe. 



The IMC team continues to closely monitor the state of the COVID-19 pandemic. As you may have heard in the news, the cases of the coronavirus are rising again in Florida, and we want to make sure you are keeping yourself safe. During this time, the best way to protect yourself is to receive the COVID vaccine, wear a mask, maintain social distancing, and wash your hands frequently. 


Those persons who are fully vaccinated against COVID are much less likely to have a severe case of COVID or require admission to the hospital, even with the new Delta variant. 


If you have not already received your COVID vaccine, please call us at 786-254-0544 to schedule your appointment.  If you would prefer to speak to your PCP about the vaccine, you may also call 786-254-0544 to schedule an appointment with your PCP.


During this difficult time, we want to ensure that you have access to your PCP and other medical services.  We encourage you not to cancel any appointments with your PCP, but if you are uncomfortable coming to the medical center, we can arrange for you to have a telemedicine visit with your PCP. 

Please call us immediately if you have fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, headache, fatigue, body aches, loss of sense of smell or taste, shortness of breath, vomiting, or diarrhea. We are always available to take your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will arrange for your COVID test at an IMC facility or can send a nurse to your home to perform the test if necessary.

We are committed to helping you achieve and maintain the best health possible. Please call us with any questions or concerns at 786-254-0544.


All of our medical centers require masks to be worn at all times within our facilities to help protect the safety and health of the staff and fellow patients. Thank you. 

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